Java Script

What is Java Script?

JavaScript is a scripting or programming language that allows you to implement complex features on web pages. JavaScript and Java are not the same. Java is a high level programming language completely different from JavaScript.

What Can JavaScript Do?

1. Your Browser has Java Script enabled by default. But If it is disabled in browser settings you will get a notice.

2. Display the Date And Time by the press of a button:

Display the Date and Time Automatically. Display GMT.

3. JavaScript can change HTML attribute values.


Light Bulb

JavaScript can change the style of an HTML element.

4. JavaScipt can perform Math functions. Simple caculator. Enter two numbers X and Y =

X =
Y =

X + Y =
X - Y =
X * Y =
X / Y =
X ^ Y =

5. JavaScript Celcius to Fahrenhet

Insert a number into one of the input fields below:

degrees Celsius

degrees Fahrenheit

6. JavaScript Kilometers and Miles

Insert a number into one of the input fields below:



7. Square Root of a Positive Number.

8. Find Hypotenuse of Right Triangle. Two of the Sides and the Angle between them (90 degrees) are known.


Enter Adjacent Side and Opposite Side:

Adjacent Side = Opposite Side =
Hypotenuse =