How to Manage your Bookmarks/Favorites

Bookmarks and Favorites are exactly the same, a short cut to a web site. Internet Explorer and Edge calls them Favorites where Firefox and Chrome call them Bookmarks. The following paragraphs will explain how to manage your Bookmarks/Favorites.


To set a Bookmark and Manage Bookmarks:


To set a Bookmark and Manage Bookmarks:

Microsoft EDGE

To set a Bookmark and Manage Bookmarks:

Internet Explorer - 11

To set a Bookmark and Manage Bookmarks:

Import and Export

You can also save your Bookmarks or back them up to an external device to carry with you. All  Browsers, except Edge, have the capability to EXPORT the complete Bookmarks list to an HTML File.

To Export to an HTML file in Internet Explorer > on the Menu Tool Bar Click on File > Export and then just follow the steps. In Firefox the Export command is on the Bookmarks Manager Tool Bar, and in Chrome the Export command under organize in the bookmarks manager. Edge does not have an Export Function at present but will be added in a future update. Insider Preview build 1607 15031.0 has the feature.

Google Bookmarks

Google has a feature that will allow you to keep bookmarks in the Cloud in your Google account.

Just go to the Google Bookmarks Web Page -- and sign in with your Gmail account. Near the bottom of the page you will see the sentence: Bookmark pages more easily. Drag this bookmarklet to the Bookmarks bar of your Browser.

Drag the button Google Bookmark to your Bookmarks Toolbar.

Now when you have a page open, just click on Google Bookmarks and type in a Label (Folder) Name and click Add Bookmark. Click on See All Bookmarks to see all of them.


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