Email Folders

1. As stated previously, the folders listed immediately below your Gmail email address are actually Gmail links to the Server. They are not on your computer, Including the INBOX.  When you delete a message from one of these, it gets deleted from the server. Any problems with Thunderbird or your computer and these folders and the email they contain can still be accessed through Gmail via a Web Browser. If you create a folder here, it will also be created on the Gmail Server.





2. Local Folders are part of Thunderbird and are on your computers hard drive. Messages in the Gmail Folders can be moved to these folders and you can create as many Local Folders as you want. To create a new Local Folder - Right Click on Local Folders and select New Folder from the list.


Give the folder a name and click on Create Folder.


As these Local Folders are actually stored on your computer, they can be lost if there is a computer problem. They should be Backed Up.

To make a copy of the Local Folders follow these steps:

(1)  Press the ALT key to open the Menu Bar.

(2) On the Menu Bar, click on HELP.

(3) In the Help Menu, click on Troubleshooting Information

(4) Under Application Basics > Profile Folder > Click on Show Folder.


(5) Copy the Mail Folder to your back up device. This folder contains all the Local Folders.




Importing Mail from other Email programs

Thunderbird has built in facilities for importing Mail and an Address Book (Contacts) from other Email programs - Endora, Outlook and Outlook Express.

If you are using a different Email Program like Windows Live Mail, it is possible to import all the email and folders from Live Mail into Thunderbird. It is not a straight forward process, first you have to install an Extension in Thunderbird to allow it to import .EML files. This Extension is Import/Export Tools.

The IMPORT function is located on the Menu Bar under TOOLS.




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