What is a Mother Board?


Gigabyte B365M D3H Motherboard

Intel B365 Express Chipset. LGA1151 Socket. Micro ATX Form Factor; 24.4cm x 23.0cm


It is the main circuit board inside your computer. The Motherboard holds many of the crucial components of the system, such as the processor and memory, while providing connectors for other peripherals.  The motherboard is sometimes alternatively known as the Main Board, System Board or on Apple Computers the Logic Board.  It is also sometimes casually shortened to "MOBO".

Motherboards are characterised by their Chipset, CPU Socket, and Form Factor.

The Chipset provides the supporting interfaces between the CPU and the various buses and external components. The Chipset determines the features and capabilities of the motherboard. The Chipset Microprocessor Chip is fixed to the Motherboard and can not be removed.

The CPU, or Central Processor Unit, is the brains of the computer. The CPU is mounted on the Motherboard by a Socket. Intel and AMD are the two main manufacturers of CPUs. Each socket is designed to support a different range of processors. It is important to know your socket type as CPUs of different types are not interchangeable. An Intel CPU is not interchangeable with an AMD CPU and even within the Intel and AMD Family, the CPU's are not interchangeable. A 10th Gen i5 CPU uses socket LGA1200 while the older i5 CPU uses the LGA1151 socket. Not interchangeable

CPU Mounted on Motherboard:


Motherboards come in different sizes called the Form Factor.


Rear Panel Connectors:



Main Features:







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