How to Install a Printer:

When you purchase a new printer it will come with a Disk. This disk contains the Drivers for the Printer and must be installed first before you connect the printer to the computer.

Unpack the printer and set it up per the instrucitons, but do not connect the USB cable to the computer. Insert the CD that comes with the printer and run the setup progrom. During the setup you will be told when to connect the printer.

If your setting up a WIFI printer, unpack the printer and get all the bits in the right place, go into the menu settings on the printer and find the Network setup menu. Find the WIFI setup menu and the printer should detect your WIFI singnal. Select your SSID and enter the Password. Now your printer is connected to your WIFI.

On your computer, open up Control Panel Devices and Printers and ADD a Printer. Select Net Work Printer Wireless and let the computer scan for the printer. Windows may Automatically install the drivers once it detects your WIFI printer or you may have to insert the CD and install the drivers from there.

How to manually uninstall a printer and the drivers.

To uninstall a printer, first go to Control Panel Programs and Features and uninsall any refrence to your printer

Next go into Contorl Panel Devices and Printers and right click on your Printer ICON and select Remove.

Next you need to open the PRINT SERVER PROPERTIES Dialog window. Open RUN and type the following command:
PRINTUI /S /T2 and press enter.

Remove any entries relating to your old printer.


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