Ring Tones

It is possible to make your own Ring Tones for your Mobile Telephone.

Follow the steps listed below and I will show you how it's done:

First off you need Windows Media player in order to RIP your song off of a music CD. The Song you want to use for your Ring Tone. Ripping is nothing more than copying a music file off of a CD into your Music folder. Windows Media Player will do this.

If you don't have Windows Media Player already installed or an older versions you will need to download and install the latest version.

Go to this web page for the latest version for your operating system: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/products/windows-media-player

ring tones

Now that you have Windows Media Player up and running, put in your music CD and tell Windows Media Player to RIP it.

Just click on RIP CD as shown below:

ring tones

Once the CD has been copied to your Music folder, you are ready for the next step.

Next you will need a program called Audacity. It is free and can be downloaded from this web site: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

Just click on the link Download Audacity 2.0 as shown below. After you have downloaded the program go ahead and install it.

ring tones

Open Audacity and open the music file you want to use for your ring tone:

NOTE: You will not use the entire song for your ring tone as it is too long.  You will use Audacity to extract just a portion of the song to use as your Ring Tone.

Below is an example of Audacity with a song open. Play the song by pressing the play button (green arrow) and note the index marks of the portion you want to use for your ring tone.

ring tones


Next, using your mouse highlight the area between the index marks.  Hold the mouse cursor directly on the sound waves and drag as shown below:

ring tones

Next, go to the FILE Meno and EXPORT this section as a MP3 File:

ring tones

Make sure you SAVE AS TYPE - MP3, then click SAVE.

If you get a waring notice that the MP3 file can not be saved and you have to download a new file, just click on the download link and follow the instructions.

ring tones

Click on Download as show above and the window below will open. Click on Download page and just follow the instructions below:


ring tones

After you have done all this, just plug in your telephone to the computer and transfer this new file to the Ring Tones Folder on your telephone then go to the settings application and select the new Ring Tone.


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