USB Device Not Detected

Sometimes when you plug in a USB storage device it is not detected. Auto Play does not start and the device is not present in File Manager.

When you plug in a USB Memory Device. this window should open.


Sometimes this is caused by the Operating System failing to assign the Device a Drive Letter. You can Manually Assign a Drive Letter to the USB Device in Disk Manager.

Open up Disk Manager by Right Clicking on the Start Button and select Disk Management from the Pop Up list. When Disk Manager Opens and displays all the drives look down the list for a drive that does not have a letter assigned to it (NOT a partition on a drive that does have a drive letter)

Right click the Drive and in the pop up menu select Change Drive Letter or Path, then assign a drive letter that is not already being used.

In the example below there are three disks and the CD Drive displayed. You will notice that each Disk (0 to 2) has at least one Drive Letter assigned. Disk 0 is the C: Drive. Disk 1 has Two Partitions D: and F: and Disk 2 has one Partisan G:

If, for example, Disk 2 did not have (G:) present you would have to assign it a drive letter.

Disk Man


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