How to Download Your Camera Pictures

There are a number of methods for transferring photos from a camera to a PC, then on to the family photo album, but it all depends on your camera. Here's a quick guide to help you get those precious memories off your camera and onto your hard drive. 

Data Cable

Digital Cameras come with their own mini USB port.  The USB connection can quickly sync images between your camera and the PC without the need for special software.

Just plug in the USB to your camera and the other end to a USB port on your computer.  After you plug in the USB cable the Auto Play window should open with several options. One option may be to download all the pictures. Another option will be "Open Folder to Display Files". I always chose this option, as it gives me more control over what to download. After you pick this option your Windows File Manager (Windows Explorer) will open showing your device and all it's folders. The pictures are in the DCIM folder. Just drag and drop the pictures you want to your pictures folder.



Removable Dish (H:) is the camera and the DCIM Folder contains the Camera Folder where all the pictures are stored.


This slide shows the pictures in the Camera Folder. Just drag them to the Pictures folder.

Use Tic Boxes to select items:

A method that makes it easier to select multiple items is to use Tic Boxes. This is how you turn on the Tic Box feature.

Open Windows Explorer and click on tools as shown below. If the Menu bar is not visible just press the Alt key on your keyboard to turn it on.


After you click on tools, click on Folder Options.


In Folder Options (above) select the View Tab and scroll down the list and put a

tic in "Use Check Boxes to Select Items.

Now when you open up Windows Explorer it will look like this:


When you drag one, the others will follow.

Memory Card

If your camera uses a removable memory card, transferring your photos will be a cinch. Most cameras feature a microSD card or full size SD card. Just remove the SD card and put it into the SD Card Reader slot on your computer.  If you computer does not have a SD card slot you can purchase an external one that plugs into USB.


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