Zip'ed Files

What is a Zip'ed File? It is a Compressed file. Files and Folders are Compressed to save space.


If you download a File and it has this ICON - it is Zipped or compressed and you need to Un-Zip it to access the files.

Files and Folders will have the Zip logo and Zip file extension.


There are several programs available to un-zip and you may already have one installed. Otherwise: 7-Zip is free and available from

After you download a Zip file go to your downloads folder and Right Click on the Zipped file. There should be an Extract All option in the pop up menu (as shown below).


Click on Extract All and this should open:


Click on Extract and a new UN-Zip'ed Folder will be created which will contain all the files that were compressed.


Z-ZIP is recommend as it has many more usfull features.

Once you have installed 7-Zip, all you need to do is double click on the zipped file to open 7-Zip and click on Extract.


You may have to set the default settings for Zipped files to open with 7-Zip if you have a different Zip program installed.

Right Click on the zipped file and select Open With option.  Then click on Choose Default Program > Browse and go to the Programs X86 folder > 7-Zip/72fm.exe and click on it.

Read more about Zipped Files here: MORE About Zip


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