Backup Program

Special Instructions:

Prepare your External Hard Drive

1. Before you set up Yadis you should setup your External Hard drive first. Make a backup plan and create the folders on your External Hard Drive first.

Example: On your External Hard Drive create a new folder called YADIS and a sub folder called Documents. Create a second sub folder called Pictures. It will look like this in File Manager:

SDHC(E) is my external hard drive, yours will be different:


2. You will also need to assign a Drive Letter to your External Hard Drive. If you do not do this Yadis will assume the USB you plug in is the back up drive if it is assigned the same letter as the Yadis Set up. To change the External Hard Drive Letter you need to open Disk Manager and Right click on the Drive and then on Change Drive Letter as show in the examples below:




Change the Drive Letter to Y. This way it will not be next in line when you insert a USB memory.

Download Yadis

1. Download Site is Code Essentials. Click hear to go to the download site: Yadis

2. When you go to the Yadis Web Page, this is what it will look like: The pictures shown below are examples only (you can not click on the links)


Click on Download Yadis Backup

The File you download will be setup.exe.


If your using Firefox, this is the download prompt you will see. Click on Save File.

After you download this file go to your Downloads folder and right click on it and RENAME it to Yadis Setup. To install Yadis, double click on the file.

Installing Yadis


This is a security warning from Windows - Click on Run



Click on Next



License Agreement - Tic I accept and click on Next



Click on Finish

Setting up Yadis for the First Time


After a few Seconds this should open


Click on Start



Select I think I am a Novice and click Next



Select Yes Only for Me and click Next

If you don't want Yadis to Start Automatically select NO



Select Yes and Click Next



Un-Tic Lean How...and click Finish


This is the Yadis Control Panel


Click NEW



Don't change anything on this page.  Click Next



Give you new project a Name. In this example I am going to back up My Documents.

In the Name Field type Documents.

Description can be left blank.

Click Next.





In the Source click browse and select your My Documents folder.

In the Target (External Hard Drive) you should first create a new folder and sub folder:


then for target click on browse and select this new folder.

Click Save

Yadis will then back up your data in the My Documents folder and continue to do so if you make any changes or add a new document.

If you want to back up every file associated with your User Account, the Source File should be set to C:\Users/ (user name you log in with) as in the below example:


Making Changes to Yadis (after the initial install)

1. When you start your computer, Yadis will be running, you will see the Yadis ICON (a green circle) in the Task Tray. (next to your time and date disply bottom right corner of your desktop)

2. To open Yadis - Right Click on it's ICON and then in the little pop up menu click on Open Monitor. This will open the Yadis main control window.


From here you can add more Tasks or Edit current tasks.

Uninstall Yadis

If you need to completely Uninstall Yadis, then it has to be uninstalled with a special program or bits will be left behind.

Go to this Web Site and follow the Instructions: UNYadis


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