Windows 11

The following are links to various web sites with news about Windows 11. Most of the items have a date when they were posted. Microsoft keeps changing the goal post, so some of the information on these sites may already my be dated. The Microsoft tool (PC Health Check Application) that you can download to check your PC for compatability is no longer avaiable. Microsoft is working to get it right. Stay tuned to this site and I will post new links as they become available.

From Microsoft:

From Other Sources:

How To Section for Windows 11:

  1. How to Launch Task Manager
  2. How to Add a Folder Shortcut to the Start Menu
  3. How to use Quick Settings
  4. How to use SNAP
  5. How to Move Taskbar Icons to the Left
  6. How to Hide Recent Files in Start Menu
  7. How the New Start Menu Works
  8. How Snap Works on Windows 11
  9. How Widgets Work
  10. New File Explorer
  11. Fixes File Explorers Slow Context Menus
  12. Windows 11 will give you 10 days to rollback to 10
  13. Windows 11 will show how long to install updates
  14. Windows 11 Task Bar is different
  15. Windows 11 Settings is different
  16. Windows 11 Wallpaper is different
  17. Windows 11 makes it harder to change your default browser
  18. Windows 11 Home will require a Microsoft Accout for Initial Setup
  19. Windows 11 Home forces you to log in but LINUX does not.
  1. (76) Windows 11 and TPM 2.0 Explained (How to Enable TPM / PTT on your PC) - YouTube
  2. (76) Upgrade Windows 11 on Any PC - YouTube
  3. Here’s How to Try Microsoft Edge’s “Super Duper Secure Mode”
  4. Your ASUS Motherboard May Get a TPM Update for Windows 11
  5. How to Use Teams Chat in Windows 11
  6. Windows 11’s Redesigned Snipping Tool Looks Awesome
  7. Windows 11’s Release Date Could Be Sooner Than We Thought
  8. Why Doesn’t Windows 11 Support My CPU?
  9. Windows 11 Makes It Hard to Change Your Default Web Browser
  10. All the Ways Windows 11’s Taskbar Is Different
  11. Windows 11 Won’t Let You Move the Taskbar (But It Should)
  12. Windows 10’s Weather Widget Is a Mess. Is Windows 11 Next?
  13. Here’s How Windows 11’s Teams Chat App Works
  14. How to Hide Recent Files and Folders in Windows 11’s Start Menu
  15. How to Enable Dark Mode on Windows 11
  16. Windows 11’s New “Focus Sessions” Feature Integrates Spotify
  17. You Won’t Have to Deal With Two OneNote Apps on Windows 11
  18. How to Only Allow Apps from the Store on Windows 11
  19. How to Turn Off Snap Layouts in Windows 11
  20. How to Hide the “Task View” Button on Windows 11
  21. How to Check If Windows 11 Is Activated
  22. What Windows 11 Can Learn from Linux’s KDE Plasma Desktop
  23. How to Hide the Taskbar Search Button on Windows 11
  24. How to Enable the Touch Keyboard on Windows 11
  25. Will Windows 11’s Visual Effects Impact Performance?
  26. How to Change Touch Keyboard Themes on Windows 11


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