Windows Keyboard Layout

There are two major English Language computer keyboard layouts, the United States layout and the United Kingdom layout. In Australia the U.S. Keyboard is used. The UK keyboard has additional keys added for the Pound and Euro currency symbols and some other special symbols are in a different location. So when you are installing a new operating system select the U.S. Keyboard layout for Australia.

You will find several U.S. Keyboard options in Windows 10. The one you want to select is US QWERTY. One of the other ones, the United States - International keyboard, will return letters with accent marks when using the Quote sign and other so-called Dead Keys.

U.S. Desktop keyboard



U.S. Laptop keyboard



U.S. International Keyboard

Using the International Keyboard


U.S. U.K. keyboard differences



In Windows 10, you can assign different keyboards in Settings > Time & Language > Language > Click on the Language (English - Australian) and then on Options. Under Keyboards you will see the keyboards you currently have assigned. Swapping between keyboards is done on the Task Bar. Add A keyboard will give you a list of the different keyboards.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Word Keyboard Short Cuts

Microsoft Word Function Keys

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Short Cuts are a Single Function Key or combinations of two or more keys that perform a task that would typically require searching through a menu system and using the mouse. Key combinations will include the CTRL, Alt and Shift Keys Plus one of the Function Keys or a letter key. There is also a special function key with the Windows Logo on it and on laptops a key with FN on it.

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