Run Commands

Applies to Windows 7, 8 and 10

You can use RUN Commands for fast access to almost everything. In Windows XP you had to click on RUN in the Start menu, but in Vista and Windows 7 you can type the RUN command directly into the Start Menu Search field. Run Commands are the Swiss Army Knife of Windows applications. Run commands are often overlooked by users, instead they spend time searching there cluttered desk top, the cascading menu system or program files trying to find an application. You will find it much faster using a run command, once you learn them.

Windows Run Command List

Administrative Tools - control admintools
Authorization Manager - azman.msc

Calculator - calc
Certificate Manager - certmgr.msc
Character Map - charmap
Check Disk Utility - chkdsk
Control Panel - control
Command Prompt - cmd.exe
Component Services - dcomcnfg
Computer Management - compmgmt.msc

Date and Time Properties - timedate.cpl
Downloads - Downloads
Device Manager - devmgmt.msc
Direct X Troubleshooter - dxdiag
Disk Cleanup Utility - cleanmgr
Defragment User Interface - dfrgui
Ditilizer Calibration Tool - tabcal
Disk Management - diskmgmt.msc
Disk Parmelonion Manager - diskpart
Display Properties - control desktop or desk.cpl
DPI Scaling - dpiscaling
Driver Package Installer - dpinst
Driver Verifier Utility - verifier or /reset
DVD Player - dvdplay

Encryption File System - rekeywiz
Event Viewer - eventvwr.msc

Fax Cover Sheet Editor - fxscover
File Signature Verification Tool - sigverif
Folders Properties - control folders
Fonts - control fonts
Free Cell Card Game - freecell

Group Policy Editor - gpedit.msc

Internet Explorer - iexplore
Iexpress Wizard - iexpress
Internet Properties - inetcpl.cpl
IP Configuration - ipconfig.exe
iSCSI Initiator - iscsicpl

Keyboard Properties - control keyboard

Libraries - explorer or Windows key + E
Local Security Settings - secpol.msc
Local Users and Groups - lusrmgr.msc
Logs You Out Of Windows - logoff

Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool - msdt
Microsoft Paint - mspaint.exe
Mouse Properties - control mouse
Mouse Properties - main.cpl
Mobility Center (only on mobile) - mblctr or Windows key + X
Network Connections - control netconnections
Network Connections - ncpa.cpl
Notepad - notepad

ODBC Data Source Administrator - odbcad32
Optional Features Manager - optionalfeatures
On Screen Keyboard - osk or Windows key + U

Performance Monitor - perfmon.msc
Phone and Modem Options - telephon.cpl
Ping Command - ping
Power Configuration - powercfg.cpl
Printers and Faxes - control printers
Printer Migration - PrintBrmUi
Private Character Editor - eudcedit
Problem Steps Recorder - PSR

Regional Settings - intl.cpl
Registry Editor - regedit.exe
Remote Assistance - msra
Remote Desktop - mstsc
Resultant Set of Policy - rsop.msc

Scheduled Tasks - control schedtasks
Security Center - wscui.cpl
Services - services.msc
Shared Folders/MMC - fsmgmt.msc
Shuts Down Windows - shutdown
Snipping Tool - snippingtool
Sounds and Audio - mmsys.cpl
Sound Recorder - soundrecorder
Sound Volume - sndvol
Spider Solitare Card Game - spider
SQL Client Configuration - cliconfg
Stored User Names and Passwords - credwiz
Sticky Note - StikyNot
System Configuration Editor - sysedit
System Configuration Utility - msconfig
System File Checker Utility - sfc
System Information - msinfo32
System Properties - sysdm.cpl or Windows key + Pause/Break

Task Manager - taskmgr
Trusted Platform Module - TpmInit

Utility Manager - utilman
User Accounts - netplwiz or control userpasswords2

Windows Activation - slui
Windows Backup Utility - sdclt
Windows Fax and Scan - wfs
Windows Firewall - firewall.cpl
Windows Firewall with Advanced Security - wf.msc
Windows Image Acquisition - wiaacmgr
Windows Media Player - wmplayer
Windows Magnifier - magnify
Windows Management Infrastructure - wmimgmt.msc
Windows Update App Manager - wuapp
Windows Standalong Update Manager - wusa
Windows System Security Tool - syskey
Windows Share Creation Wizard - shrpubw
Wordpad - write


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