How to Download YouTube Videos

You can download YouTube Videos with any browser by using a third party program called 4K Video Downloader. 4K is a stand-alone program and not an add-on to any Browser.

Web Page for - 4K Video Downloader

Special Instructions:

Turn off Controlled Folder Access (CFA) in Windows Defender.

Windows Defender

Example of 4K web site:


There are two programs of interest. One is to download the video MP4 and the other is to download the audio MP3.



Download and install both of them.

Open the YouTube Video you want to download and Copy the URL (Address).

4K Video

Open 4K Video Downloader for the Video Track (MP4) OR 4K YouTube to MP3 for just the Sound Track (Mp3)



Click on Paste URL


Click on Download. The file can be found in a new 4K folder in the Video Folder. If you select MP3 it will be in your Music Folder.


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